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From award winning Executive Producer Douglas Gresham (the Narnia films), and producer Christopher Hopper, comes the cinematic/indie debut album of singer/songwriter Meg Sutherland.

Meg Sutherland’s cinematic-indie debut features thirteen original songs that span a lifetime of trial and triumph. The album, Courage, Dear Heart, which is slated for a winter 2014 release, is a deep and provocative exposition of the human heart, set to music by Sutherland’s exquisite vocal talent and uncompromising piano mastery.

Songs like “How To Love” and “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” explore the melancholy of familial tension, where “Walls Of My Soul” is a tribute to those who bravely pick up the pieces of the past and dare to rebuild. “Send Us The Rain” is an anthem of hope, crying out to the God who’s faithful to provide, and “Show You” is an invitation to experience life to its fullest.

Other songs, like “Real” and “Doug’s Song,” summon the nostalgia hidden within the literature and feature films birthed from the mind of the late C.S. Lewis. These songs alone are a must for any fan of the Narnia legacy.

“I have known Narnia all my life,” says Gresham, “and amazingly, this girl-child seems to know it almost as well as I do. Meg’s music sings from and about the heart. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it fills with joy. But then, beauty is like that.”

Ultimately, Sutherland’s picturesque work is an invitation into life-living, to feel and touch the emotions that make us human. It’s her detailed words and soaring melodies that tie her listeners together, binding them in a mystical journey worthy of another world.


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