ProTools HD Studio Rates (USD)

Hourly: $45.00
Day: $320.00 (8 hours at $40.00/hour)
Week: $1,400.00 (40 hours at $35.00/hour)
Piano Tuning: $150.00*

Each studio hour secures the use of the entire studio and/or church auditorium for rehearsal, tracking, editing, mixing and/or mastering. Each hour comes mandatory with one of our staff engineers who must work in conjunction with your engineer or producer; we don’t rent the studio space without a certified Sprig Engineer being onsite at all times.

*If you would like to use our baby grand piano, we recommend paying to have it tuned for your session. While the piano is typically in good tune, your session needs may require a greater level of accuracy in intonation. Please check with the staff the week prior to your session for a better assessment of its tuning.

Rates are subject to change. Payment is due at the end of each day’s session; checks are made payable to New Life Christian Church. Contact our office for tours and availability: (315) 788-0825 / hello.newlifenny@gmail.com.