We’re currently compiling our gear list. In the mean time, here’s a quote from master engineer Peter Hopper on some of his favorite monitors, Sprig’s Auratone 5c’s:

I’ll personally never forget the first time I heard Auratones on songs I recorded in Dick Charles Studios in Manhattan on a frigid winter night. I was a session hireling playing drums, percussion and background vocals on a midnight to 8:00 AM session in 1963. We were in this tiny little control room way up in a 52nd street skyscraper.

Those cubes sounded so bad to me, but I soon began to grasp just how useful they were as the engineer A/B’d the rough mixes between them and the big gray Altec Lansing Studio Control Monitors. I remember him demonstrating how to use the 5c’s as a tracking and mixing tool to great effect.

I was fascinated. Before too long, just about every studio in New York had a pair running. Every studio had to have a pair. Producers would even tote their own from date to date. They became this unofficial “audio benchmark” for studio sonics that you could reference your work on as you went recording from studio to studio.

The Auratones were an important part of the professional Big Apple recording scene at that time. Proacs they are not. But they can be a useful tool in the artistic creation, if used properly. Just some of my musings on ancient days where I learned so much from truly great producers and engineers of the day.

– Peter Hopper / October 10, 2014