The goal was to create a sanctuary for artists.

We wanted to build a studio the way they used to be built. Grand spaces. Attention to detail. Organic materials. Raw beauty.

We wanted it to capture the essence of the greatest analog practices while showcasing the very latest in modern recording technologies.

We wanted to integrate it with a large concert setting, giving artists the ability to record a live album as easily as a studio album.

And we wanted to build a studio that was accessible to the new artist and yet powerful enough for the seasoned veteran.

Birthed from the old, growing the new. This is Sprig Studios.

Sprig Studios Interior Control Room

The result is a 2,000/sq-ft sanctuary of sound designed by father and son team Peter and Christopher Hopper. Built on six different elevations, and adjoined to New Life Christian Church’s 500-seat main auditorium, Sprig Studios incorporates American red cedar, black iron, Edison and LED lighting, gravel filled floor cavities, and large diameter curved walls to provide both an acoustically and visually pleasing environment that fully immerses performers in the joy of music creation.

Sprig Studios Interior Microtech Gefell M 930 Perestroika Mic

Sprig Studios Interior Jefferson Stairs Crows Nest Studio A

Sprig Studios Interior Studio A