Sprig Music is not your usual record label.

First, she belongs to the church. New Life Christian Church in Watertown, New York to be exact. This means that her primary aim esteems the ministry before the monetary. All of her artists, whether in formalized representational ministry on staff with churches or in general ministry writing for the world-at-large, have long track records of serving Jesus and reaching people with musical art. It also means that all the art belongs to the artists, and every agreement favors the artist before the organization.

Second, Sprig is built out of the shared strength found in community. Whether crowd-sourcing various practical needs or relying on fellow artists for promotional and touring support, the label is a family long before it’s formal. Each Sprig artists bring unique skill sets to the table outside of their musical expertise, so the day-to-day operations of the organization are shared. This not only offsets traditional operating expenses but provides a deep sense of interconnectedness among the artists. The label also has two studios to record her artists in: Sprig Studios in Watertown, NY and Old Bear Studio in Batavia, NY. These two premier recording facilities give our artists unprecedented access to top gear and talent in environments that we feel provoke musical greatness.

Third, the label has two distinct imprints, Old Bear Records and Sprig Worship. Old Bear Records serves general market songs and projects, paying special attention to folk, Americana, blues, and jazz. Sprig Worship houses Christian worship songs and projects, most of which work best as congregational resources in churches through CCLI’s SongSelect. Both imprints, however, work together to serve the larger label goals.

Sprig Music. Bring hope, beauty, and life to humanity through music.