We believe in the power of music because we believe in the people it comes from.

Partnering with exceptional artists to produce powerful art is one of our greatest privileges. As such, we’ve endeavored to create a safe environment where artists own their work but trust us to manage it.

Since the beginning of the modern music industry, record companies and publishers have owned what rightfully belongs to the creators. We think it’s time the music was kept by its makers. Which means we think differently about the arrangements we make with artists we invest in. To be a Sprig artist is to be a part of a tightly knit family of spiritually-minded creators.

If you or your band would like to see if a partnership is right for both of us, we’d love to hear from you. We look for artists with a heart that beats in rhythm to our own, a unique sound, a strong track record of musical and ministry experience, and smart entrepreneurial and financial management resources.

All interested parties are welcome to contact Rebekah Berthet. Please have links ready for music and/or video samples, images, bio, a history of performance dates, and all dates currently booked for the next 6-months.

Please understand, we look for artists who are already playing more than five times a month for the next six months. As a partner, we do not create momentum for you that you’re not already generating yourself. Our vision is to add to what you already have going.

We look forward to learning more about you.

Rebekah Berthet
+1 (315) 788-0825