Record Your Dreams


Have you ever wanted your church to have its own worship album?

What if your church members could have a CD of the songs that mean something to your spiritual family performed by the singers and musicians from your community?

Sprig Studio is here to help that dream become reality.


Church leaders and congregants often look to what other churches are doing and wish they could do the same. However, lack of experience, professional resources, and finances are all inhibitive to making those dreams a reality.

Allow our project managers and producers to help serve your creative process in a timeline and budget that serves your church best. Whether your music provides a more orthodox faith tradition with hymns or more a contemporary worship community with modern anthems, our production staff has decades of experience in crafting fine music that will remind your congregation of the rich legacy God has built among you. Your final product can be sold in your church store or online, given away in first-time-visitor gift bags, or used as an evangelistic tool.


While a full-length album can be recorded, mixed, and mastered in under a few weeks, such a process is daunting for even the most seasoned bands and requires a large capital investment upfront. Most church organizations are not able to take on the work hours, budget, and technical demands of this type of recording.

Instead, Sprig Studios has formulated a new plan that allows for maximum musical flexibility and spreads financial obligations over several months. Of course, the process pace may be increased at any time, recording multiple songs in a month, however, we recognize that the daily demands of church staff and volunteers may not be suited for such an intense approach.




Each month, your team will travel to Sprig Studios in Watertown, New York for a single day of tracking. Your only goal is to record all the parts necessary for a single song. This allows your group to rehearse with a concise goal in mind, making sure that each person’s part is performed to their highest individual ability.

This single-day, once-a-month strategy allows you take your time in selecting songs that resonate with your congregation. The monthly recording trips also help improve your studio tracking skills which will develop cumulatively with each tracking experience. At any time, you may jump to the next package tier as your project grows.

Once your day-session is complete, our engineers will send you a mixed and mastered single of your song within two weeks. You may choose to release the single to your congregation that month, or save them each month and release the collection all at once as EPs or as LP album at the end of a year. Others may wish to release the singles monthly and still release a CD as an anthology at the end of the year. There is no wrong way to release the music to your audience, we just want to help you find your way.

Your monthly fee includes our graphic design services to produce a cover of your monthly single, or use this resource to create an album design at the end of the year. (*Photography is not included but may be purchased separately).


Your recording sessions will take place inside our six signature studio rooms, each designed by Peter and Christopher Hopper. Sprig’s impressive microphone collection, spanning the gambit of Neumann, AKG, Audio-Technica, Røde and many more, ensures that your performances are heard through some of the worlds greatest hardware. Then, your performances are converted and captured via our Pro Tools HD rig and mixed and mastered through our Amek TAC Magnum console and near field speaker pairs.

While the studio has access to various musical instruments on-site, including drums, keyboards, guitars, and amplifiers, we always recommend that performers bring their preferred tools to every session. This ensures that you hear what you are ‘used to hearing’ and allows a more effortless performance.


Sprig Studios is one hour north of Syracuse, New York and two hours south of Ottawa, Ontario, located off Route 81 at 255 Gaffney Drive, Watertown, NY 13601.

Hotel accommodations for your team may be reserved through Sprig Studios which allows you to take advantage of our special lower pricing with the Fairfield Inn directly behind the studio.