Sprig Signs Worship Artist J. Reynolds


Sprig is pleased to announce its partnership with worship leader, songwriter, and producer, J. Reynolds, who has signed to the Sprig Worship imprint.

“J. is one of those prolific creators who just makes all this incredible music, dumps it in your lap, and says, ‘Here you go. Think we should do something with this?'” says Christopher Hopper, label executive. “My answer was, ‘Uh, yes!'”

“He’s an incredible writer,” agrees Anthony Hoisington, co-executive and head of the Old Bear imprint. “He’s just so good at grabbing ideas out of thin air and making them work, whether for himself or the other artists he writes for. For us, [signing him] was a no brainer.”

A long-time friend and collaborator of Brothers McClurg, J. is no stranger to the stage or the studio. “This just felt like the right time to make him more visible,” says Hoisington, who also helped produce J.’s upcoming debut release, Fire & the Flood, slated for a Fall 2017 drop.

“His years of faithful service to the local church combined with his seasoned repertoire make him a valuable addition to our growing family,” says Hopper. •••

Old Bear Records and Sprig Worship as Imprints

OBR SW Imprint Announcement

We are pleased to announce the creation of our first two imprints, Old Bear Records and Sprig Worship. These imprints are meant to serve as musical homes for songs within the larger Sprig Music record label that help identify the art’s unique missional values. We believe that these imprints not only serve artists more faithfully but give audiences a sense of what to expect from each ‘house.’

Old Bear Records will serve general market songs and projects, paying special attention to folk, Americana, blues, and jazz. Sprig Worship will house Christian worship songs and projects, most of which work best as congregational resources in churches through CCLI’s SongSelect. Both imprints, however, work together to serve the larger Sprig Music goal of using the musical arts to bring hope, beauty, and life to humanity.

Listeners may observe our artists releasing songs under both imprints; this is intentional, as many of our artists do not write and record just one style of music, nor is there always a singular categorical aim. It’s this diversity that drove our decision to create imprints in the first place. Having multiple imprints gives our artists more freedom to write outside of conventional restraints and broadens their voice to speak to areas that they may otherwise have been kept from.

Thank you for growing with us and embracing the music-makers who are painting pictures of life the way it should be.


Christopher Hopper & Anthony Hoisington