Weston Skaggs is many things. A South Carolina boy raised in Ohio. Husband to Amy and daddy to Paisley. Singer/songwriter. Beard enthusiast. Registered nurse. Star Wars nerd. Helpless Cleveland sports fan. And most importantly: a Christian. This causes his music to be painted with the brushes of redemption, faith, hope, and love. “I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that changed me from my blindness and self-centeredness to a life of purpose. I’m passionate to create a fresh and unique musical sound that offers encouragement to the church and hope to lost and hurting people,” says Skaggs.

“Weston awakens the heart to sing praises. His worship to Jesus will allow you space to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

“This guy is a true artist who understands the mercy and beauty of God, expressed effortlessly in song. ”
• CHRISTOPHER HOPPER, Christopher and Jennifer Hopper

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