Weston Skaggs

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Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Skaggs is known for his unique blend of indie folk music and American roots. Add to that his heart for the local church, and what comes out is a worship leader who’s able to paint pictures of the highs and lows of the human experience. His songs are deeply authentic and accessible, drawing from the dramatic experiences of his own life.

“Weston awakens the heart to sing praises. His worship to Jesus will allow you space to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.”
– Anthony Hoisington, Brothers McClurg

“…A style that combines smooth pop accessibility with country-folk earnestness.”
– Bobby Gilles, Worship Leader Magazine

“…his defining quality – a songwriter’s gift for storytelling.”
– Joe Brookhouse, Frequency.FM

“This guy is a true artist who understands the mercy and beauty of God, expressed effortlessly in song. ”
– Christopher Hopper, President, Sprig Music

“…able to cross barriers with little to no problem, appealing to the contemporary crowd as well as some indie music fans.”
– Scott Fryberger, JesusFreakHideout