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For anyone that’s played with Sam, he’s lovingly referred to as “The Machine.” His attention to detail, dedication to excellence, and impeccable sense of timing make him one of Sprig Music’s favorite drummers. His playing is hallmarked by consistency and a keen ear for artistic nuance.

With specialities in rock, hard core, and pop, as well as a growing interest in jazz, R&B, and country, Sam’s wide dialog of genres makes him an asset to studio and road acts alike.

Sam’s highly prepared, diligent, and always brimming with creative interpretations and insights. He’s also versatile in large and small venues, able to adjust dynamically to environmental contexts.

He’s presently touring with husband and wife duo Christopher and Jennifer Hopper, and his most recent studio recordings can be heard on their new worship album Awaken. He’s also a weekly live drummer for New Life Christian Church in Watertown, New York.