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Centered in the resurgences of vintage Americana and soul-pop, Jennifer Hopper effortlessly bridges the gap between the sublime voices of the past and the pop textures of the present.

“She emotes like Rosemary [Clooney], she’s smooth like Norah [Jones], and she’s fun like Colbie [Caillat],” says St. Paul/Minneapolis-based music reviewer Greg Best (Substance 2015).

Jennifer’s upcoming release with Sprig Music is a study in the delights and disciplines that truly make enjoyable music. The dark and brooding groove of her song Sparks Fly is reminiscent of Adelle’s earliest musings, while Can’t Fight It emerges like a long-awaited sophomore release from Róisín Murphy and the Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Equally at home with blue-eyed soul and soft pop, Jennifer’s smooth styling in Loving You Out Loud and Little World bring listeners on a sunshine kissed road trip, as if Jason Mraz and Priscilla Ahn were riding along in the back seat.

Accompanied by her band, who nestle into jazz as easily as folk-pop or power ballads, Jennifer Hopper is developing a devoted following who are as in love with her voice as they are with the places she takes them in her live performances. •

Rebekah Berthet
+1 (315) 788-0825


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