About Ian Zumback


From as far back as Ian can remember, music was always a part of his life. His dad being a musician and his mother a big music fan, he was encouraged from a young age to play and create music. Ian began to receive musical instructions when he was 8-years-old and formed his first band when he was 11, continuing to play music throughout his twenties. But it wasn’t until 2005 when he came to faith in Jesus Christ that Ian found his life-purpose in playing and creating music for God.

During the early season of his new faith in Christ, Ian was convicted that in order to be a Christian and a musician meant not sharing the limelight with God. As a result, Ian sold his instruments and stopped his participation in music altogether. He admits that for him the line between performance and authentic worship was blurry and that he needed time to sort through the difference.

Ian had personally resolved to not play music at all if it were not beneficial to his growing relationship with Christ or to his personal testimony of how God had changed his life. After two years, through various affirmations and a guitar given to him by his wife Susan, he began a new journey as a worshipper and songwriter.

Today, Ian plays to audience large and small, offering a powerful authenticity and transparency not only in song, but in his person. His sound and lyrics resonate with people in their raw, truth-telling nature in a way that evokes a deep sense of shared experience.