Birthed from the old. Growing the new.

Music has a way of putting down roots in the soil of our souls. If allowed to go deep enough, those roots will cause beautiful things to grow. What started as a sprig becomes a tree of life. Our job is to cultivate the sprigs and plant them as best we can.

Reinvention is a prerequisite for progress. Despite over seventy combined staff years in the recording industry, and over six-thousand record albums to their credit, we needed to rethink the way we approached the recording arts.

We wanted to build a studio, a record label, and a booking agency that preserves the best interests of the artists while serving the mission of the Church.

The result is Sprig Music.

Today, we’re able to provides a state of the art studio-for-hire to musicians from all walks of life. Our label activities allow us to focus on building long-lasting relationships with artists through our financing, publishing and management. And our experience as a church allows us to connect other churches with powerful tools, including new worship songs, tutorials and direct access to the artists that make them.

Whether you’re a musician looking to track your first single, a seasoned veteran looking for a home for your next project, or a church looking to host a night of worship, we’re here to serve your vision and provide a sanctuary for your music.